Paramasivan (Tamil)

Cast: Ajit, Laila, Prakashraj, Vivek

Director: P. Vasu

GRIT AND determination alone could have made him lose weight in this incredible fashion. The Ajit you see in Samrat Film Corporation's Paramasivan is a transformed, younger version of the rotund hero of the recent past. He now looks trim. Only his eyes seem to have lost some of sparkle. Supported by a racy story and a logical screenplay, Ajit makes good use of the opportunity.

The bloody hand of terrorism is striking soft targets in the State and the police force is in a quandary as to how the elusive criminals can be brought to book.

Then there is Subramania Siva (Ajit), a prisoner awaiting the gallows, after having murdered five policemen in cold blood. But police officer Nandakumar (Prakashraj) has other plans for him... Paramasivan is a comeback vehicle for Ajit. Except having to look stone-faced and rigid, not too many emotions are expected of him and he manages quite well. He excels in stunts (`Dalapathi' Dinesh's choreography is noteworthy) and is absolutely at home in the bike chase (Vikram Dharma).

Laila, the heroine, as the dimwit daughter suffering humiliation at the hands of her stepmother, is a well-delineated character. Prakashraj is ubiquitous - so you find him in Paramasivan too, playing a strong role with élan. But his vociferous yet hollow threats of doing away with the hero sometimes sound contrived. Re-recording in general, and the theme song are strong points of Paramasivan. Composer Vidyasagar also scores with the melodious piece, "Oru Kili ... " Suresh Urs' toil at the editing table helps enhance the crispness of the film, while art (Vijaymurugan) offers a visual treat.

After the roaring success of Chandramukhi, P. Vasu returns with another thriller of sorts, this time with Ajit. Paramasivan's story, screenplay, dialogue and direction are Vasu's.