It's great if you live or work near the stations

Not so long ago, for Bangaloreans living in areas other than the east, Byappanahalli was little better than a distant outpost. Post-October 20, it is, “Byappanahalli? It's barely 13 minutes away.” Yes, Namma Metro, in its debut, has truly changed the way our traffic-choked city travels, at least in one direction. However, those 13 minutes is exclusively the travel time. The Byappanahalli Metro Station is big. And it's a long haul to board the train after the security check at the entrance, taking the escalator to reach the ticket counter, waiting in queue to purchase one, and finally making past another flight of stairs/escalator. Of course, those with a smart card skip the queue for tickets. All this takes time. Fortunately, there is not much room for confusion, thanks to the signboards and helpful staff.

Exhilarating ride

The ride is exhilarating. M.G. Road is less than 15 minutes away: so one can't complain about the metal seating or even having to stand. And the air-conditioning helps. As we shoot over the peak hour traffic and the signal lights, the satisfaction level heightens. The view is strange: an angle we've never seen before. Tin roofs near S.V. Road, classy shops near Indiranagar, old temples at Ulsoor, and finally glass and concrete on M.G. Road. The lack of greenery is hard to miss.

However, like all things nice, the ride with a view comes at a price. If you live or work nearby, the Rs. 15 from Byappanahalli to M.G. Road ride may not be much. But those who have to depend on BMTC's feeder service or autorickshaws to reach or leave the station will have to factor in the increased cost and time.

Overall rating: