Like farmers, the Department of Agriculture has made its preparations for the coming monsoon. D.Y. Shrinivas, Joint Director of Agriculture, said he had taken steps to ensure that the department was ready to supply seeds and fertilizer to farmers.

Sowing will be undertaken on a total of 2,99,500 hectares of farmland (of which only 1,40,000 ha are irrigated). Paddy will be the major crop (covering 1,04,000 ha); other crops such as pigeon peas, sunflower, maize and cotton will feature significantly.

“There is no dearth of seeds in the district. A total of 26,100 quintals of seeds will be required, and we currently have 31,700 quintals in stock. The department is already selling sunflower, pigeon peas, paddy and cotton seeds at subsidised rates through Farmers Support Centres,” the Joint Director said.

Mr. Shrinivas appealed to farmers to buy seeds and fertilizer from these centres.

As for fertilizer, Mr. Shrinivas said: “1,70,700 tonnes are required; the department has 87,131 tonnes in stock.” He was confident that the department could meet the demand when the time came.

“Providing such stock is the department’s responsibility, and we have taken all the necessary measures to ensure that they reach farmers. Officials have ensured quality of stock by inspecting samples of seeds or fertilizer in private outlets. These samples are sent to laboratories for a quality check,” he said.

  • Crops will be sown on 2,99,500 ha, of

    which 1,04,000 ha will be allotted to paddy

  • ‘Officials have ensured availability of quality seeds and fertilizer’

  • Crops to be sown on 2,99,500 ha