‘Vivek Nirdhar Parishad’, organised by socio-political progressive activists in Kolhapur on Sunday, harped on inefficiency and delay in locating Dabholkar’s assassins and declared that they would organise a state-wide Akrosh agitation if the culprits were not located within five days. The new president of Maharashtra Anti-superstition Committee and PWP leader Professor N.D. Patil, who presided over, has criticised the delay in tracing the assassins and stressed that the orthodox elements were being encouraged due to the delay. He also pointed out that half of the state ministers were themselves superstitious and more interested in luring the vote bank than ensuring proper investigation of the case.

Mother and son commit suicide

Surekha Jadhav (22) of Uplave in Satara district jumped into a well along with her one-and-a-half year old son Harsh. According to the police, their bodies were found floating in the well on Sunday. Her husband Umesh was out when the incident occurred; upon his return he found that both his wife and son were not in the house. He then approached the police who traced the bodies. The woman committed suicide because the husband supposedly disallowed her from going to her maternal home.

Four bungalows burgled in Kolhapur

Four bungalows were burgled in Kasba Bavada area in Kolhapur . According to the police the bungalows were locked, the thieves picked the locks and looted golden ornaments estimated at Rs. 3 lakh.

MNS activist arrested on harassment charge

Sameeer Patil (39), who is the officebearer of the Sangli unit of Maharashtra Nivnirman Sena (MNS), was arrested, along with his three associates, on the charge of threatening the borrower for recovery of loan and interest. According to the police, Jagu Pujari (32) had taken a loan of Rs. 1.50 lakh from Patil with a five per cent monthly interest and though Pujari had repaid Rs. 3 lakh but he was forced to pay Rs. 1.70 lakh more. He was harassed and threatened with dire consequences. Pujari lodged a complaint with the police.