As we observe this day to mark all our collective efforts to overcome obesity, the burden of this disorder & its consequences is well understood.

In simple terms, understanding the root cause of obesity and addressing the same, would suffice. However, in practice, there are many dimensions of obesity that needs expert attention.

Achieving Weight loss is a big challenge and dealing with its after effects is another.

We are aware that execution of customised nutritious diet & exercise regime are the gold standards in achieving weight-loss. Losing weight can be achieved either voluntarily or imposed in the form of various bariatric treatments.

Regardless of the method used, with excess weight loss, we can shed the excess fat but not the skin. Skin folds on the face & neck attributes to the look of premature aging. Similarly overhanging skin on the arms, back & hips, tummy, sagging chest, can be unsightly and may also become a hygiene concern. This is due to the skin losing its elastic properties as a result of being stretched beyond its limit. So for those of us, who have endured the blood, sweat & tears of the weight loss marathon, only to find unsightly results could be disappointing, which may lead to depression & low self esteem, thus becoming a vicious cycle.

However, with advances in medical & surgical treatments, the above can be fixed effectively by removing the excess skin on any part of the body through Post-Bariatric (Weight-loss) surgery, also popularly called ‘Nips & Tucks' in the West.

An expert team in this specialty at GVG has established this service since 5 years, to address these issues with both surgical / non-surgical face & neck Lift, Arm lift, breast lift, Tummy tuck, Belt Lipectomy, Thigh & Buttock lift & so on.

Another aspect of obesity is abnormal distribution of fat, making some parts disproportionately bigger than others.

This can be better tackled with VASER® Liposuction, as it not only rids of excess fat but also tightens skin to a great extent achieving a desirable body contour and toned skin. For more information you can call our helpline 9739 900 900.

Dr.Gunasekar Vuppalapati

Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon