Staff Correspondent

Title deeds given to 111 persons

Rs. 1.1 crore granted for vented dam at Nalkuru

Nancharu (Udupi District): Home Minister V.S. Acharya said on Monday that an additional one million units of power a day was being provided to Mescom so that students and farmers in Udupi district did not suffer owing to power failures.

He was speaking after inaugurating the Hamlet scheme and distributing title deeds and Bhagyalakshmi certificates to beneficiaries here.

Dr. Acharya said that hitherto, eight million units of power was being supplied to Mescom. It had now been increased to nine million units a day. People in Udupi district were prompt in clearing their electricity bills. Their bill payment stood at 98 per cent, he said. The Bharatiya Janata Party Government was committed to providing sites and houses to poor people. As many as 97 persons were provided title deeds in the village on Monday. Under the Hamlet scheme, efforts would be made to provide electricity to houses, which did not have power connection, Dr. Acharya said.

Opposition parties were expressing doubts about the stability of the Government in the State because they had no other work. “These parties have failed to give any constructive suggestions to the Government. They are jealous of our success,” he said.

Raghupati Bhat, MLA, said that as many as 60 houses were provided electricity under the Hamlet scheme here. The Government had given title deeds to 111 persons in the district while 216 persons were yet to receive them. The Government had allocated Rs. 1.1 crore for construction of a vented dam at Nalkuru village, he said.