Minister for Agriculture Umesh V. Katti told the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday that the State government has provided an additional incentive of Rs. 650 per quintal for toor dal and Rs. 250 per quintal for paddy apart from the minimum support price prescribed by the Centre, with a view to provide adequate relief to the farmers. The former Minister for Agriculture, Bandeppa Kashampur, said since the government had announced the additional incentive only a few days ago, it would not benefit the farming community as the season was coming to an end. If the government had been serious, it should have stepped in at least a month ago. Further, the cost of paddy in the market was around Rs. 2,000 a quintal, while the support price of the government was Rs. 1,500. In the case of toor dal, the market price was over Rs. 5,000 a quintal even for the low-grade variety.

Mr. Katti said the Centre has fixed the MSP for paddy at Rs. 1,250 and Rs. 1,280 and the State will provide for an additional Rs. 250 per quintal. For toor dal, the Centre has fixed the MSP at Rs. 3,850 per quintal to which the State will provide an additional Rs. 650. If the farmers are receiving a higher price in the market, then it is welcome since the aim of a market intervention scheme is also the same.