Special Correspondent

MYSORE: Activists who were allegedly roughed up while protesting against the proposed Chamalapura power plant here on Wednesday have vowed to intensify their agitation.

“The agitation against the coal-based thermal power plant at Chamalapura will be intensified and we will not budge an inch from our stance. This Government is not even allowing a peaceful protest and we will write to the Union Government to draw its attention,” said M. Lakshman of the Association of Concerned and Informed Citizens of Mysore (ACICM).

Attributing the developments to the highhandedness of the police, ACICM members said even former Minister M. Shivanna had told the police that they would leave the spot in 10 minutes and underscored that it was a peaceful protest. “The former Minister drew the attention of the police to the snap agitation that is frequently launched by farmers in Mandya resulting in road blockade for hours. But here we were seeking permission to stage a rasta roko only for 10 minutes but Deputy Commissioner of Police K.T. Balakrishna was adamant and insisted that the protestors vacate the place immediately,” Mr. Lakshman said.

They said an oral permission had been given by Commissioner of Police Bhaskar Rao to stage a protest on the highway for 10 minutes but this was ignored and the activists were allegedly roughed up. “Even women were not spared which underlines the Government’s lack of concern for public opinion,” said a few farmers.

The protestors met Deputy Commissioner S. Selvakumar and submitted a memorandum condemning the police action. Meanwhile, the activists taken into custody by the police were released after cases were registered against them.