Says the Minister indulges in political gimmicks but fails to address real issues

The delay in the setting up of a medical college in Karwar has led to a verbal duel between Anand Asnotikar, Minister for Fisheries, Science and Technology and Madhav Nayak, an activist in the office of the Deputy Commissioner.

The episode took place at the meeting of district-level officials and the members of the public called by Mr. Asnotikar, to discuss the putting up of the statues of King Shivaji and Henja Naik, a freedom fighter from Komarapanth community from Karwar.

The Minister said the statues would be installed after having obtained special permission from the government. At this juncture, Madhav Nayak, president of the district Janashakthi Vedike, stood up and accused the Minister of putting on a show to please the majority communities as the elections were around the corner. He said the Minister should speak about the medical college as he had promised to resign if the government failed to grant permission to build it by October. Mr. Asnotikar asked Nayak not to digress from the issue.

But Mr. Nayak continued his offensive against the Minister and said that he would show black flags to all the ministers, including the Chief Minister, if they visited Karwar without granting permission for setting up of the medical college.

He said that a beach was chosen to put up the statue of Heja Nayak; the statue would have to be removed as the beach came under CRZ area. The whole thing was just an act by the Minister to please the communities in majority, he said. Offended by the remark, Mr. Asnotikar asked Mr. Nayak to shut up. Mr. Asnotikar asked the Superintendent of Police to evict Mr. Nayak from the meeting hall.

An enraged Mr. Nayak said that the venue was not a private residence of Mr. Asnotikar.

By dividing the likes of Hanja Nayak and Shivaji on the basis of caste, the Minister had divided society, he alleged.

  • ‘Asnotikar said he would resign if permission to build medical college was not given by October’

    ‘By dividing Hanja Nayak and Shivaji on caste basis, the Minister has divided whole society’