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A museum on Bengaluru proposed to be established on the premises of Mayo Hall

BANGALORE: Creation of Bengaluru Heritage Register (BHR) and establishment of Bengaluru Heritage Commission (BHC) are among those proposed in the heritage plan for Bangalore by the Agenda for Bengaluru Infrastructure and Development Task Force (ABIDe).

A museum on Bengaluru has been proposed to be established on the premises of Mayo Hall, which could be governed by the commission, Ashwin Mahesh, a member of ABIDe, told presspersons here on Tuesday.

The museum would exhibit the built, natural and cultural heritage of the region, he added.


The BHC, Mr. Mahesh said, would oversee conservation efforts for all locations in the Bangalore Metropolitan Region and those that were not under the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) or the State Archaeological Department.


Mr. Mahesh said that the heritage register would include locations listed for their built, cultural and natural historical importance in the metropolitan region, and would be maintained and updated every three years.

He said: “The sites would be classified based on a range of criteria. For heritage monuments under private ownership, a consultative mechanism would be evolved that emphasises support for preservation rather than mere identification and listing.”

The register would include important phases of the city’s cultural and natural heritage, he added.

Mr. Mahesh said that a proposal had been made to have a statutory nodal agency for the identification and protection of heritage in the BMR.

Funding could come from the Government and could be autonomous to develop policies and practices.

Bengaluru Day

“The city’s historical maps should be gathered to present a comprehensive record of the city’s growth,” said Mr. Mahesh and added that a specific date would be marked as ‘Bengaluru Day’ to mark the city’s founding and celebrating its history.

“Conservation must include nature as it is within nature that a city has emerged and evolved,” said R.J. Vasavada, Professor and Head of Centre for Conservation Studies, CEPT University, Ahmedabad, who had been roped in as an advisor to ABIDe’s project.