: Abhinetri directed by Satish Pradan has been in the news from the day it was launched.

The film, starring Pooja Gandhi, Atul Kulkarni, Makarand Deshpande and Ravishankar, has been in the news because of a stay order issued by the City Civil Court on June 11 against the screening of the film following a petition by writer Bhagya Krishnamurthy.

Pooja Gandhi, who is also the film’s producer, has approached the High Court seeking directions for the film’s release. The film, which is yet to get a censor certificate, is all set to hit the theatres this month end.

The stay order was issued as the petitioner, Ms. Krishnamurthy, contended that the film was based on her work Abhinetriya Antaranga , serialised in a Kannada weekly in 2003. The author’s contention is that her story has been used without permission.

Refuting the claim, Ms. Gandhi and director Pradhan say there is no similarity between the film and novel.

Speaking to The Hindu Mr. Pradan said he had not heard about the novel until the issue reached the court. Refusing to elaborate on the issue, as the case is before the court, he said the film had “nothing to do with the novel.”

When the film was launched, it was rumoured that it was a biopic on yesteryear actor Kalpana. However, both the director and producer asserted that Abhinetri is a tribute to all senior actors in the Kannada film industry.

“I had spoken to many senior artistes and technicians before writing the script . The film is not based on any particular actor,” he said. However, the eight-page brochure and tagline drops enough indication that the film is about Kalpana.

Ms. Gandhi is of the opinion that pictures published so far have made people to believe that it is story of Kaplana. But, it was not so.

Admitting that the film is based on real incidents, director Pradhan insists that the film is not about any particular actor. I have done research on the subject for more than two years and took some four months to write the script, he says.