Basic Instinct 2 Risk Addiction (English)

Director: Michael Caton-Jones

Cast: Sharon Stone, David Morrissey

First things first. There is an interrogation scene. But there is no possibility of seeing "all the way to Nebraska." It is not there and because Michael Caton-Jones is not Paul Verhoeven and also because pulp fiction writer Catharine Tramell has unfortunately turned into a parody of herself. She seems strangely anachronistic. Her snarling, purring dominatrix act wilts among the stiff British upper lips.

The plot is about a soccer star killed while in a speeding car with Tramell pleasuring him (one of the few scenes that work) and then other people die. There is a psychiatrist, who diagnosis Tramell as suffering from "risk addiction." This is just a mediocre film. Sorry Ms. Tramell, your risk addiction took you too far this time - into the realms of pedestrian cinema.