Special Correspondent

BANGALORE: Terming the budget as “disappointing”, Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council Motamma said that it was “anti-farmer and anti-people” as it has not given due importance to rural development, irrigation, power and agriculture.

Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa had just “rehashed” his earlier budget she said, and had exhibited his “special love” to Bellary on various fronts.

The Janata Dal ( Secular) leader M.C. Nanaiah observed that barring new literary quotations there was not much difference between the 2009-10 budget and the new proposal. Considering the style of allocation in a sporadic manner the budget was “populist” in nature. Mr. Yeddyurappa had not only ignored the key areas such as agriculture, education, health and infrastructure but also trodden into the dangerous area of acquiring agricultural land for industrial purposes, he pointed out.

Y.S.V. Datta of the Janata Dal (Secular) commented that the budget was in favour of “capitalists” and majority of the proposals were aimed at pleasing Bellary district. By ignoring priority sectors such as power, agriculture and irrigation and imposing new tax on motor vehicles, the Government had forced majority of people in rural areas into penury.

Janata Dal (United) leader M. P. Nadagouda said that the deficit of over Rs. 3,300 crore and the State's inability to claim its due share in some joint ventures had only reflected that the Government had not fulfilled it promises to the people.