Staff Correspondent

MYSORE: Thousands of pots bearing a wide variety of colourful flowers will be on display at the Karanji Lake Nature Park in the city from May 3 to 10 as part of the eight-day Summer Flower Show.

The Flower Show, which coincides with the blooming season for potted flower plants, is expected to draw a large number of visitors to the Karanji Lake Nature Park during the tourist season. For the second consecutive year, a flower show is being organised at the park in summer.

"Since blooming of potted flower plants starts in May, the Karanji Flower Show will given an opportunity to the visitors to see the fresh and beautiful flowers", Executive Director of Mysore Zoo G.V. Ranga Rao said in a press statement.

Spruced up

The nature park has been done up with more than 20,000 flower pots that will be arranged artistically under different categories such as foliage, bonsai, cactus, ikebana, cut-flower, anthurium and roses. The flower show will be kept open to visitors from 8.30 a.m. to 7.30 p.m.

Persons interested in participating in the flower show and competition can call 2520302.

Entry fee to Karanji Lake Nature Park is Rs. 10 for an adult and Rs. 5 for a child.