Pillars and walls have already developed deep cracks

A recently constructed building on the premises of Government Primary School at Param Devanahalli in Bellary taluk stands as a testimony to the manner in which public fund is going down the drain, without serving any purpose.

The building, with eight rooms, which was constructed four years ago to overcome shortage of rooms, is now in a dilapidated condition, even as it is still to be formally inaugurated.

The flooring, laid with Kadapa slabs, is either incomplete in some places or a portion of it has been taken away. The concrete pillars and the walls have developed deep cracks, appearing as though them may collapse any moment.

To top it all, the building is being used as a toilet and haven for illegal activities too. The school, with about 220 students, was facing shortage of rooms and the government sanctioned rooms for it, besides releasing grants for their construction. B. Sriramulu, present MLA, as the then Minister, had inaugurated the construction work.

Enquiries revealed that the present condition of the building was due to some local elected and peoples’ representatives taking the contract for construction.

Although the officials visited the building after vehement complaints from local people, no action has been initiated to make the building use-worthy.

As a result, the infrastructure provided has remained unused. However, students continue to learn in the old buildings, which leak during every monsoon.