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CD to be released at Aradhana Mahotsava in Hampi on Sunday

Compositions to be rendered live at Purandara Mantapa The compositions selected resemble those of TyagarajaThe CD is priced at Rs. 85

BELLARY: A group of Chennai-based musicians have brought out "Ninna Daasanaade," a compact disc (CD) comprising compositions of Purandaradasa on the lines of the "Pancharatana Kritis" of Tyagaraja.

The CD will be released at the Purandaradasa Aradhana Mahotsava in Hampi on Sunday.

Live performance

The compositions will also be rendered by the group of musicians led by V.L. Sudarshan, senior lecturer at Annamalai University, at Purandara Mantapa adjacent to the Vijaya Vittala temple on the banks of the Tungabhadra, where the poet-saint spent his time composing verses in praise of the Lord.

The CD is the brainchild of Shyamala Gopalan, former Reader, Annamalai University.

Selected works

It is aimed at presenting Purandaradasa's compositions with that of Tyagaraja. Mr. Sudharsan has selected dasara padas and rendered them in a format similar to that of Tyagaraja's pancharatna kritis.

The 1-hour 20-minute CD has been produced by Ms. Gopalan and is being marketed by Vasantham Communications.

Five padas composed resemble Tyagaraja's Pancharatnas, not just in their rendering but also in the themes.


"Narasimha," "Helabharadhe," "Vasudeva ninna karma-marmagala," "Satyajagathidhu" and "Ninnadaasa naade" are the compositions selected, and they resemble "Jagadanandha," "Dhudukugala," "Saadhinchane," "Kanakana ruchi," and "Yendaro mahanu bhavulu," respectively.

Vidwans including N. Ramani on the flute, O.S. Thiyagarajan, K. Vageesh on the vocals and Srimushnam V. Rajarao on the mridangam make for a veritable musical feast.

The CD is priced at Rs. 85 and will be available at all leading music stores.