Nee Bandu Nintaga (Kannada)

Cast: Saurav, Jothikasri

Director: Shekar Saravanan

Debutant director Shekar Saravanan has a long way to go in picking up the art of storytelling, and it becomes abundantly clear from the word go in Nee Bandu Nintaga. A different and intense handling of a rather interesting story could have made the movie bearable.

Shiva (Saurav), a pop singer, accidentally meets his long-time fan Sneha (Jothikasri) at a hill station and life starts taking unexpected turns. Loosely knit proceedings keep you guessing, and you are made to wait almost till the end to find meaning to a multitude of characters and sequences. The central theme of Shiva's mental disorder is introduced at the fag end, and the arguments of a doctor (Vinaya Prasad) in favour of mercy killing come as a farce added only to make up for the lack of imagination in finding a more appropriate ending.

Mathew Rajan's cinematography impresses while Ram Narayan's music has sparkles here and there.