The birth anniversary of Kannada poet Da. Ra. Bendre, which falls on January 31, is particularly special for the literary group Sanchaya this year.

The group, which marks this day every year with a literary event, has now turned 25. The organisation was started in 1987 by a group of eight young people from Malleswaram.

Though they came from varied backgrounds, they all shared a passion for Kannada literature. The group included an artiste, a doctor, a civil engineer and a company salesman.

“We also brought out a magazine that year with articles on literature and arts. We made 20 to 25 photocopies and circulated them among friends because we had no money for a proper publication,” recalls D.V. Prahlad, one of the founder-members of Sanchaya. Over the years, the magazine — also called Sanchaya — has grown to be a regular publication with a set of loyal readers. It has been brought out without a break, though the bi-monthly turned a quarterly for a brief while in between. Like all little magazines, it is sustained entirely on the efforts of like-minded enthusiasts.

Mr. Prahlad hopes to bring out the 100th issue of the magazine in September this year, with a focus on the tradition of little magazines in Kannada.