M.T. Shivakumar

The accused collected Rs. 3 lakh from a consultant and demanded more

Bangalore: A gang of seven youngsters, all dropouts, have been arrested for blackmailing people whom they threatened to “expose” for misbehaving with women.

According to the police, they are believed to have resorted to extortion from their “victims” until they were arrested on Wednesday night.

The Upparpet police have recovered cash, mobile phones, telephone numbers and other documents from the accused.

However, the police refused to divulge any details.

The accused collected Rs. 3 lakh from a consultant in Mahalakshmipuram and demanded more.

The accused contacted Srinivasa Reddy of Mahalakshmipuram, owner of a consultancy recently and sought admission in a reputed institution.

However, they later picked a quarrel with Mr. Reddy saying that he had misbehaved with one of their friends, a woman, said a police officer from the Chickpet Subdivision.


The gang allegedly threatened to “publicise” the matter and demanded Rs. 5 lakh. They collected Rs. 3 lakh and were demanding Rs. 2 lakh more.

Mr. Reddy approached the police and lodged a complaint.

“We suspect that the accused have duped a good number of people by using the same method. We are interrogating them. Investigation is in progress,” said an officer.