18-year-old girl found dead near temple

A love triangle turned tragic for an 18-year-old girl whose body was found on Sunday morning near a temple in Brahmadevaragudda off Magadi Road near Tavarekere. Lata, who was working as a helper in a private college, was reported missing by her mother on October 13. Tavarekere police were clueless about her whereabouts till Vasu (22), a known acquaintance of hers who had consumed poison the same day that Lata went missing, regained consciousness on Saturday evening.


It was only then did the sordid tale unfold. For the past two years, Lata had been having an affair with Vasu, a call centre driver who stayed in her village. She was also believed to be in dalliance with Ravinandan (18), a student in a college in Anjanapura.

Vasu and Lata resided in Bilikallu village near Tavarakere. Soon after falling in love, Lata, who had no intention of marrying him, had told Vasu that there was opposition from her family to their affair.

On October 13, Vasu got to know of her dalliance with the college student. “Instead of sending an SMS intended for Ravinandan, Lata sent Vasu the message by mistake. That was when Vasu learnt about her affair with Ravinandan,” said the police.

On the pretence of taking her to a temple, the couple rode on Vasu's bike towards Brahmadevaragudda, about 15 km from Tavarekere. He confronted her near the temple, and the couple had a heated argument where Lata reportedly confessed to the affair.

Enraged by this, Vasu told the police, that he felt “betrayed” by her. He told the police that he hit Lata on the head. Sustaining a severe injury, Lata lost consciousness. Leaving her there, Vasu drove back home and consumed poison. He was rushed to a hospital by his sister.

On regaining consciousness, he revealed what had happened on that day. It was around the same time that a passer-by discovered Lata's body and informed the police.

Meanwhile, Tavarekere police said that Vasu, who is recovering in hospital, would be arrested after his discharge.

  • She was reported missing by her mother on Thursday
  • An acquaintance of hers felt ‘betrayed' and hit her