Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: Elderly people who attempt to make life brighter for other senior citizens passing through the twilight of their life, had their own share of fun, thanks to Elders Day Out, a day of exciting activities on Tuesday.

Sponsored by Volvo City Buses, 114 senior citizens, who volunteer at Ashvasan, a voluntary organisation, went to a resort on the outskirts of the city for the fun-filled event.

Before leaving, Revathi Ramakrishnan, a volunteer for 10 years at Ashvasan, said: “I’ve been on other outings organised by Ashvasan, but never a sponsored one. I hope we will have an exciting day.”

Ashvasan, established in 1993 by Lalita Ubhayaker, works towards giving senior citizens in the city a life of dignity. Ms. Ubhayaker said the outing was providing a day of celebration for them.

Managing Director of Volvo Buses India Akash Passey, who flagged off the event, said: “The programme is not just about taking the elders out, it’s about social responsibility as well.”