The use of the silver chariot for the Wadiyars’ private procession is part of a tradition that unfolds during Dasara.

However, there have been instances when there is a break from this hoary practice. Mr. Wadiyar’s procession to Bhuvaneshwari temple to complete the Shammi Puja is an intrinsic part of the Vijayadashami procession. As the primary vehicle during the days of the maharajas in ancient and medieval times was a chariot, it became part of the tradition during special occasions like Dasara. But every so often it is given a miss; which happened on Monday: Srikantadutta Narasimharaja Wadiyar was forced to give tradition a break.

Palace officials said Mr. Wadiyar preferred to abide by tradition but due to an ailment in the leg was advised against climbing the chariot. Hence a battery operated vehicle was also kept ready for use but finally Mr. Wadiyar preferred to complete the procession in his private BMW car.

Even so, this is not the first time that tradition was kept aside; Mr. Wadiyar has used vehicle earlier to complete the procession.