This year the response was overwhelming: festival director

Curtains came down on the fifth Bangalore Queer Film Festival with the organisers claiming overwhelming response from both within and outside the Lesbian Gays Bisexuals and Transgenders (LGBT) community.

Over the last three days, 55 films from 20 countries were screened at Alliance Française de Bangalore.

Public support

“This year response from people within and outside the LGBT community has been overwhelming. Since we managed to get public support, we were able to connect to a large number of people,” Vinay Chandran, BQFF festival director, said.

The Jury awards would be announced in a week, as the selection process would take some time, he added.

Twenty countries

This year, the BQFF received 80 entries from 20 countries, of which 55 films were screened at the venue. Several genre of films were screened that were broadly classified under feature films, short films, experimental cinema and documentaries.

Viswesh Rammohan, a second-year M.Sc. student of St. Joseph’s College claimed to have watched six films on a single day.

He said: “In majority of films the treatment of the subject as a director and an actor has been coordinated brilliantly, which is evident on the screen.”

Personal stories

Rohan Kanawade, director of ‘Lonely Walls’, the much acclaimed film screened at the festival, said: “I came across the story of a father and son being gay. I became quite inquisitive about the topic and hence ended up writing the script for the film, which also includes my personal experiences.”

Parallel to the festival, a series of other events such as photography exhibition, line drawings and other performances were also organised at the venue.

The festival was organised by Good As You (Gay), Swabhava Trust, We’re Here and Queer (WHAQ) and Pirate Dykes.