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Four persons have been admitted to hospital

The cases have been reported from Jyothinagar Police Quarters Blood samples have been collected and sent it to the National Institute of Virology Sumps and water tanks have been cleaned in the area

MYSORE: Forty-seven persons at Jyothinagar Police Quarters here fell ill on Saturday and are suspected to have chikungunya. While 43 persons are being treated at home, four have been admitted to a private hospital.

Though they have been ill for the past four days, they started exhibiting symptoms of chikungunya only on Friday. Officials are not ruling out the possibility of typhoid or dengue.

Sources said staff of the district health office had collected blood samples and sent it to the National Institute of Virology. It is learnt that the 47 persons belong to families of police personnel residing in the quarters.

Area councillor Sandesh Swamy told The Hindu that a number of suspected chikungunya cases were detected on Saturday when a survey was conducted by health officials of the Mysore City Corporation.

Doctors from the corporation and the Department of Health and Family Welfare have treated 43 persons who complained of boils, intermittent fever and pain in the limbs, symptoms of chikungunya. As soon as the suspected cases were treated by doctors on Saturday, corporation officials sanitised the area. Sumps and water tanks have been cleaned to prevent the spread of the disease.

Mr. Swamy, Mysore City Corporation health officer Nagaraj and deputy health officer Cheluve Gowda were present at Jyothinagar Police Quarters to monitor the cleaning activities.