The Mysore Urban Development Authority (MUDA) has 973 civil works and projects in various stages of implementation for the all-round development of the city.

Of these, 561 works are carryovers from the previous year, while 412 are new works to be initiated during the current financial year. The estimated cost of all these works is reckoned to be around Rs. 922.08 crore, of which Rs. 264.51 crore will come by way of grants. MUDA chairman P. Nagendra told presspersons here on Saturday that 253 works are expected to be completed in the current financial year (2012–13). In addition, MUDA has submitted 14 major works to the State government for approval. These works are expected to cost Rs. 906.7 crore.

Major works

Some of the major works that have been approved are the development of a 2-km stretch from Ramaswamy Circle to Chamundi foothills at a cost of Rs. 3 crore; laying of roads on survey nos. 232 and 244 to link the Outer Ring Road at Bogadi with Ashraya houses; development of a link road from Vijayanagar 4th stage, 3rd phase to Belavadi; development of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Circle at Dattagalli 2nd stage at a cost of Rs.3.4 crore and the development and improvement of the Saradadevi Nagar circle, among others.