Following the visit of Justice Shah Commission probing illegal iron ore mining in the State, the State government departments had swung into action issuing notices to erring mining companies to fall in line and follow law.


Forty mines were issued suspension orders by the Goa State Pollution Control Board on Wednesday. These mines have mining leases which does not have either forest or wildlife clearances or both the clearances.

‘Not working'

Of these, only 13 were working mines and would, therefore, have to close immediately. “Twenty seven mines were in the category of “not-working mines” this year, as per records given to us under Right to Information Act by the Mines Department,” Claude Alvares of Goa Foundation (NGO) told The Hindu on Wednesday.

Director of Mines Arvind Loliekar told The Hindu that his department on Wednesday endorsed all the notices issued by Pollution Control Board and directed all the companies involved to comply by the orders.


Earlier, it was after court directives following Public Interest Litigations filed by NGOs that the State authorities related to mining regulation acted, said anti-illegal mining activists with a hope that people would get relief from the menace which had been troubling people from so long.

  • Mining leases either do not have forest or wildlife clearances
  • Of these, only 13 are working mines, rest 27 mines are 'not working'