Special Correspondent

Do not do away with pavements, say activists

Corporation’s proposal to be studied to ascertain if road-widening work needs to be taken up

Tree Court to take up both applications filed by corporation and public opinion sought on them

MYSORE: Unperturbed by the growing opposition to the proposed felling of 123 trees on Lalitha Mahal Road, the Mysore City Corporation (MCC) has sought permission to fell an additional 68 trees on the stretch from the city court complex to Somasundar Circle.

With this, over 200 trees will face the axe for road-widening work as there are a few more trees that will be axed on the double road leading from RTO to the Vani Vilas Double Road connecting the Race Course.

The road from city court complex leading to RTO and Somasundar Circle is a well-laid double road with four lanes – two on each side – and tree felling does not lead to any significant gain in space. Similarly, the Vani Vilas Double Road leading to Somasundar Circle is again a double road and activists have pointed out that roads cannot be widened at the expense of pavements.

Deputy Conservator of Forests Shashwathi Mishra said the issue would be examined and the project would be scrutinised. Ms. Mishra said the Tree Court hearing on June 8 near the arch gate would take up both the applications filed by the corporation and public opinion sought on them.

Ms. Mishra said the Forest Department would study the proposal and ascertain if the project was needed. If it was established that it was required then ways would be found to go ahead with the project without felling trees.