Special Correspondent

Writers given award for works in language other than mother tongue

Only works in languages included in VIII Schedule eligible

MYSORE: The Bhasha-Bharati Samman award for 2004-05 was given away to 15 writers of various languages from throughout the country here on Friday.

Instituted by the Central Institute of Indian Languages (CIIL), the awards are given to encourage people of every region in India to learn the languages of other regions and help promote social cohesion and national integration. The awards are meant for original writing and translation works of authors of books written by them in any Indian language in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution other than their respective mother tongues, Hindi, Sanskrit and English. The winners of the Bhasha Bharati Samman awards for 2004-05 for original writings include Usharanjan Bhattacharya whose mother tongue is Bengali and who won the award for her work Rabindranath Aru Asam written in Assamese language; Karabi Debbarman (mother tongue: Kokbarak) who wrote Srijane Utsabe in Bengali; Ranganath Tiwari (Marwadi) who is the author of Begum Samru written in Marathi; Hamsa Danagopal (Marathi) for Nalladhor Veenai Seithe in Tamil; Afsar (Urdu) for Valasa in Telugu and Pritpal Singh Betab (Punjabi) for Mauj-E-Reik (Urdu.)

Cultural bridge

The CIIL took note of the authors’ contributions and in the context of Usharanjan Bhattacharya’s work in Assamese pointed out that Rabindranath Aru Asam is a commendable work that constructed a solid cultural bridge between Assam and West Bengal. It deals with diverse subjects such as the travels of Rabindranath Tagore throughout Assam, his creations during his stay there and so on. It added a new dimension to the relationship between the Assamese and Bengali-speaking people of Assam.

The awards carry a prize money of Rs. 25,000, a shawl and a memento.