The Gokarna police seized 14 cattle which were illegally transported at Hiregutti on National Highway 17, to a slaughter house. The driver of the lorry, which was transporting the cattle, was arrested.

Fourteen oxen were being brought from Kalghatagi in Dharwad district to Bhatkal. When the police questioned the lorry driver Dhasharath, he told them that Dawat Saab and Mehaboob Saab of Bhatkal were the persons who were transporting the cattle.

Inhuman condition

The cattle were being taken in an inhuman manner and two oxen were killed while transporting. When the police brought the oxen down from the lorry, an ox chased a police constable and injured him.

Later, it was caught near Mahabaleshwar Temple. The police constable was admitted to a hospital.

The oxen were shifted to the Goshala at Hosad. The police are investigating the case.