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TDP blames Government for failing on agricultural front

  • `Government unable to provide basic infrastructure in villages'
  • Lack of power, quality seed, proper credit, etc. add to woes of ryots

    HYDERABAD: Telugu Desam Party on Thursday criticised Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy for his statement that migration from rural to urban areas today was essential for economic development.

    At a press conference, party leader K. Vidyadhar Rao recalled Dr. Reddy's words at a function on Wednesday, apparently in support of migration to cities. This in effect, he said, was an admission by the Government that it was unable to provide the needed infrastructure to make life in villages worthwhile.

    He lashed out against the Congress Government for saying one thing while in the Opposition and quite another after coming to power. While in the Opposition, the Congress had gone around to people in the rural areas asking them to choose between a computer and an agricultural pumpset.

    "Does the Chief Minister know anything about agriculture?," Mr. Rao asked.

    He went on to criticise the Government for not making available basic credit facilities, unable to supply power, quality seed, fertilisers and pesticides. All these were compounding to the woes of farmers.