The YSR Students Federation activists picketed the Vice-Chancellor’s office in Yogi Vemana University on Thursday alleging that hundreds of degree students would fail in today’s Maths IV paper due to wrong questions owing to the negligence of the university officials.

Lapses in degree results led to large number of students foregoing a chance to take part in PGCET counselling, YSRF district convenor B. Amarnath Reddy alleged.

Three questions were given wrongly in Maths IV paper, he said. He recalled that questions were given out of syllabus for 34 marks in Maths III paper and then in charge Vice-Chancellor K.M. Rajendra approved addition of marks to bail out students.

They submitted a memorandum to the Vice-chancellor B. Syamsunder and he promised to take steps to resolve the issue.

YSRF co-convenors Brahmam and Ramanatha Reddy and activists Rajesh, Pradeep T. Gangadhar Reddy, Chenna Reddy and Sunil participated.