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Asks farmers to adopt scientific methods to determine water table

KURNOOL: Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy established an instant rapport with the audience making best use of his country jargon and conducted the gram sabha in his inimitable way at Uyyaladawada in Orvakal mandal of Kurnool district on Monday.

When the villagers asked for borewells to develop horticulture crops in the village,

Dr. Reddy guided both officials and farmers to adopt scientific methods to determine water table rather than relying upon crude investigations with the help of twigs and coconuts.

The villagers impressed upon the Chief Minister that Uyyalawada was emerging as major mango belt in the district. Also, they asked for roads to orchards for easy transport. As a youth told the Chief Minister that he was in debt because of Rs. 60,000 loan for his sister's marriage, Dr. Reddy advised villagers not to celebrate marriages in a lavish way but asked them to make use of the free marriages being performed by TTD.


Dr. Reddy gave an open offer to the villagers to raise hands if anybody was without a house. Only two responded with one asking for a new house as his present house was in dilapidated condition. Dr. Reddy specifically inquired with the shepherds whether their flock was insured.

The Chief Minister said Praja Patham was meant for assessing the problems like lack of employment in lean season, drinking water problems, financial support institutions, houses and pensions for the old and destitute.

Launches NREGS

Earlier, Dr. Reddy formally launched the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS).

He said in Uyyalawada 533 families enrolled for the scheme and the officials prepared plans for Rs. 63.96 lakh budget in the village.

He asked the villagers to be wary of payment of wages to them.

The wages would be credited into their individual accounts.