Film: Ride (Telugu)

Cast: Tanish, Nani

Direction: Ramesh Verma

Publicity designer turned director Ramesh Verma makes an impressive debut. Ride is fun, flamboyant, breezy and likable enough especially for the college-going crowd. We have seen many Telugu films about two heroes fighting over a girl but here in Ride, the relative newcomers Tanish (of Nacchavule) and Nani (of Asta Chemma) have a constant skirmish over a bike. The bike which is an item that every college going guy wants to own and flaunt becomes the central element in the film and the entire story revolves around it.

In his directing debut, Ramesh Verma does a sound job of recreating the ambitions and life of two middle class youth, their travails, misunderstandings and their friendship.

He even convincingly gives the story a sentimental cinematic finish. Nani and Tanish steal the scenes, chip in deft performances. Though Svetha Basu and Aksha sparkle as the girl friends the former bores you with one unnecessary dialogue ‘ori nayano’ frequently. Navdeep provides a pleasant cameo.

It’s Mahesh’s (Tanish) dream to own a bike and his mother gifts him one. This comes in handy and becomes a necessity when his father retires and is bedridden. The story has a breeze, the detailing adequate for this genre.

Go for this pleasant Ride, to know that we have newcomers becoming dependable actors, they deliver a happy film with relish and abandon.