The meeting of the World Telugu Conference (WTC) Krishna District Committee turned into a ‘Kavi Sammelan’ with non-officials and two MLAs showing their prowess in Telugu language.

The district administration convened the meeting to take the suggestions about how to involve the people of the district in several programmes being organised by the State Government as a prelude to the 4{+t}{+h}World Telugu Conference to be held in Tirupati at the end of this month. The “sammelan” began with progressive farmer and cinema theatre owner Narashima Yadav reciting poems. Unfortunately, the poems by Mr. Yadav were denounced as Sanskrit ones. Nandigama MLA Tangirala Prabhakar, who was sitting on the dais, also burst out into Telugu poetry. Gannavaram MLA Dasari Balavardhana Rao also recited several Telugu poems he learnt in his childhood just to make the point that they were all forgotten and that they were not being taught even in schools. Telugu ‘padyanataka’ doyen Achanta Venkataratnam Naidu also showcased his prowess, but only to request for a slot to perform at the WTC. In the little time available some non-officials made some good suggestions. Writer and teacher Patibandla Rajini suggested giving prizes to youth who make good posters for the WTC and put them on Facebook. All India Radio Station Director M. Krishna Kumari spoke.