Various competitions conducted by the College Literary Club and NSS Unit of Vignan's Lara Institute of Technology & Science (VLITS), Vadlamudi marked the World Water Day on Thursday. The theme was ‘Water and food security: The world is thirsty because we are hungry'. On the occasion, VLITS Director V. Madhusudan Rao gave a presentation on the importance of water for survival of life on earth and ways of conserving it for the present and future generations. He said everyday chemists discover new uses of what is one of the things most taken for granted. Water holds potential to change our world forever, he observed. Principal M.S.S. Rukmini said water should be used judiciously as it was a natural asset prone to exhaustion albeit over several centuries. A. Santhi Latha, Head of Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities, and others took part. The Forum for Better Bapatla (FBB) released the World Water Day brochure on Wednesday in a program presided by P.C. Sai Babu.

The brochure contains interesting facts about water starting with the standard word of caution to use water carefully. It states that `the world is thirsty because of our needs for food. Today, there are over 7 billion people to feed on the planet and this number is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050. To be able to feed everybody, we first need to secure water, in sufficient quantity and adequate quality. We will also need to produce more food using less water, reduce food wastage and losses, and move towards more sustainable diets'.