Representatives of several women organisations and public representatives have vowed to fight against liquor and dowry system which were leading to violence against women in the country. All India Democratic Women's Association, women wings of Congress and Telugu Desam organised various programmes and rallies separately on the occasion of International Women's Day on Thursday.

A human chain was formed in Seven Road Runction and representatives of various organisations sought equal rights and 33 percent reservation in Parliament and State legislatures.

Former municipal vice-chairperson Gunda Lakshmi said complete ban on liquor would be the right option to ensure happiness in every family.

District Collector G. Venkatram Reddy, who participated in Women's Day celebrations at Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Auditorium, said women's organisations should fight against the dowry system which was a bane for society.

He said the literacy among women would ensure economic freedom and benefit the entire family. “Girl child must be provided proper education. It will pave the way for gender equality in society. Dowry system will also be eradicated when women have earning capacity,” he added.

Additional Joint Collector R.S. Raja Kumar, DRDA Project Director P. Rajanikanta Rao and others participated in the meeting.

Several self-help groups organised rallies in Srikakulam, Palakonda, Mandasa and other places seeking a better treatment for women in society.