Yet another mall has been opened in the city last week. Though as a truly competitive measure, the CMR group has come up with the idea of ‘dedicating’ one to women. The Grand move is aimed at further capturing the attention of women. What with disposable incomes and shopping turning out a hobby rather than need-based, the new mall is sure to draw more attention.

Besides, women and men are now more preoccupied with their looks and appearance since in several new jobs they seem to matter as much as one’s abilities.

It also will be a new attraction to those coming to the city from other regions. But definitely, it is not a mall for all though it has the men’s choice (for women).

Setting stage afire!

A courageous hero fighting with a ferocious crocodile in a pond. A juggler or magician turning a man into a woman or a charming princess into a dog.

A comedian making the vanishing trick.

These and other baffling scenes can easily been shown in films. But showing such scenes on stage requires professional skills and commitment of highest order and the Surabhi theatre artistes with decades of experience behind them did it with aplomb. Surabhi company had been staging popular film hits like Paathala Bhairavi, Mayaa Bazaar, Balangamma and mythological stories at the Kalabharathi auditorium here for the last one week and the response from the public was good. Dazzling costumes and thrilling dances are special attractions. Artistes lend their own voice for songs and there was no dubbing.

The performance of artistes was repeatedly applauded.

A unique feature of theatre was the empathy that one finds between the performer and the viewer. Unlike in films, where the viewer is a mute spectator, the audience here becomes part of the event and that is the unique feature of performance on a stage.

Poll pointers?

Megastar Chiranjeevi’s roadshow in North Andhra is hotting up the political climate in the State with speculation that elections will be held early next year. All the parties are promising the moon. While some are promising free houses for the poor, some are going to the extent of guaranteeing jobs to all eligible persons and blanket ban on land acquisition for Special Economic Zones and industries.

“Land will be allowed only when the proposed investor convinces the land-owner to surrender,” remarked Minister for Infrastructure M. Venkata Ramana Rao.

The ruling Congress has also raised the income limit for availing of reservations and other benefits for the people below poverty line. Telugu Desam Polit Bureau took a decision in support of Telangana. All these developments give enough fuel speculations that polls may be advanced..

On the right track, at last

The Visakhapatnam-Nizamabad-Visakhapatnam express train has at last received the attention of the railway authorities. Journey by this train has been a nightmare for the passengers thanks to the decades-old coaches, uneven berths and extremely poor condition of the toilets. But the coaches have been refurbished and seats in even general coaches are provided with cushions.

The railway authorities should also ensure that this long distance train and the superfast trains like Ratnachal express, for which the passengers have to pay more, are not delayed.

Some time ago the Nizamabad express was stopped at Anakapalle, where it has no scheduled halt, for 30 minutes after reaching the station at 9 a.m. and even as the passengers were hoping that they could reach Visakhapatnam before the scheduled arrival time.

After a10-minute halt at Duvvada, the train reached Visakhapatnam 45 minutes beyond schedule.

Ratnachal express was stopped at Godavari station for nearly 30 minutes on October 9 only to make way for another train, probably a holiday special.

Ratnachal reached Visakhapatnam after a delay of nearly 45 minutes.

(G.V. Prasada Sarma, R.Jagadeeswara Rao, Santosh Patnaik

and G. Narasimha Rao)