Women of Peddapasupula village in Peddamudiyam mandal in Kadapa district launched a week-long dharna in front of an unlicensed liquor shop in the village on Monday forcing the liquor vendor to down the shutters.

Under the aegis of Liquor Regulation Struggle Committee, as many as 1,000 women squatted in front of the shop two days after they represented to district Collector V. Anil Kumar to close it down as male are becoming addicted to alcohol and in the process are shattering their family lives and squandering their income and properties.

Leaders of Human Rights Forum, APCLC, Mahila Samakhya, AIDWA, Chaitanya Mahila Sangham, Dalita Vedika, CPI and CPI (M) expressed solidarity and joined the protest.

They hoped that their protest until Sunday next would lead to government officials initiating action to close down the licensed liquor outlet, committee convenor P. Sanjeevamma said.

The liquor shop owner allegedly is offering liquor every day on the condition that they would repay the due amount with five per cent interest.

When the guzzlers fail to clear dues, the shop owner forces them to mortgage their lands and property and takes away milch cattle, goats and foodgrains stored in their houses, the protesting women lamented.

Incidentally several men of Peddapasupula village too joined the protest. Opposing continuation of the liquor shop in the village, the protesters urged the Collector to ensure that a liquor shop is not set up again.