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Alleged harassment forces her to take the extreme step

HYDERABAD: A woman beaten up by her husband revolted and allegedly bludgeoned him to death in Neredmet in the early hours of Saturday, the police said.

The woman, a mother of three, walked into police station and surrendered.

Police said Nagamani could not tolerate the harassment by her husband K. Yadagiri, 35. An inebriated Yadagiri reportedly began thrashing her with a belt on Friday night. "I couldn't bear it anymore and decided to kill him," Neredmet Sub-Inspector T. Ravinder quoted the woman as saying in her confession. She pinned him to the ground and allegedly smashed his head with a pestle. Death was instant.

History of discord

Yadagiri, a carpenter by profession, was from Lingala Ghanpur village of Warangal district. He married Nagamani some 14 years ago. Yadagiri worked in Dubai for two years and built a house at Renukanagar. The couple separated two years ago after Nagamani complained to the police that he had illicit relationship with another woman.

Yadagiri was arrested in that case and sent to jail.

Recently, Nagamani returned to him after a patch-up, but he began harassing her suspecting her fidelity, police officers said. Nagamani was charged with murder.