It was 29-year-old Husna Khan, director of a small-time event management company, who masterminded the killing of a teenaged worker Anamtha Ahmed alias Saniya in Moinabad three days ago, the police said on Saturday.

Along with Ms. Khan, another director of the company Malik and Rahan, both of who allegedly aided her in executing the murder plot, were arrested by the Moinabad police of Cyberabad.


The accused woman from Mehdipatnam is married and has three children through her husband.

“While her husband went to Saudi Arabia on work permit, she developed relationship with Zeeshan of Bandlaguda who was managing events on contract basis,” the Moinabad Inspector Shekhar Goud said.

Zeeshan eventually started an event managing company and made the woman one of its directors.

A few months ago, Saniya, 18, joined the company.

“As Zeeshan started moving closely with her, Ms. Khan developed hatred against the teenager and decided to eliminate her,” the Inspector said.

She sought the help of her workers Malik and Rahan to carry out the plan.

On Wednesday night, she went to Saniya’s house in a car along with the two men telling her that they had to organise an event in Moinabad. They started in the car. After reaching a secluded place, Ms. Khan picked up a quarrel with the teenager accusing the latter of standing between her and Zeeshan.

Body burnt

After abusing the teenager, she suddenly lunged at her and smothered her with a cloth while the other two men held the victim’s legs.

Later, they burnt upper part of the body and left the place. Police picked up Ms. Khan and the other two accused on learning that the victim was last seen with them.

Husna Khan masterminded the killing of event hostess Saniya in Moinabad three days ago