State government accused of benefiting real estate agents

Activists of the Kakinada Special Economic Zone (KSEZ) Vyatireka Porata Committee, and Struggle Committee Against Coastal Corridor and KSEZ (SCACK) on Sunday staged a dharna in front of the district Collector's office here demanding that the KSEZ notification must be withdrawn immediately and the lands must be handed over to farmers.

Extending solidarity to the activists, Telugu Desam Party (TDP) demanded that the government must withdraw the Petroleum, Chemicals and Petrochemicals Investment Region (PCPIR) project.

Hundreds of activists gathered from villages raised slogans against the State government.

They accused the government of benefiting real estate agents, who purchased the lands from farmers and escalated the prices. Since no industry was established in 8,000 acres that was acquired by the government six years ago, the land acquisition must be cancelled and the lands must be returned to the farmers, they said.

President of the KSEZ Vyatireka Porata Committee Bavisetty Narayana Swamy said a private businessman from the city had purchased huge extent of lands in the name of KSEZ private limited but had the registrations in his name. “The then officials are also be punished, as they resorted to forceful acquisition of lands to benefit a few private players. Cases should be registered against them,” he said.

Accusing the police of registering false cases against those who were fighting for their lands, Mr. Narayana Swamy said so far 60 persons, including 30 youngsters, were arrested by the police.

Convener of the SCACK P. Tanya said the committee was formed with the five Communist parties and its lone demand was cancellation of the SEZ and PCPIR projects.

“The government should not let the district become another Nandigram or Singur. Cancellation of the projects was the only option in front of the government, as we are not going to stop our agitation till the projects were cancelled,” Ms. Tanya said.

TDP Polit Bureau member Yanamala Ramakrishnudu said the TDP was backing those who were fighting for a “genuine cause.” He said there were several loopholes in the PCPIR project and the government must cancel the notification.

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