Wedding bells toll for Lord Hanuman

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Anjaneya temples to celebrate his marriage to sun god's daughter

Scholar says it is recorded in 'Parasara Samhita' Chidambara Sastry has a doctorate on the subject

VISAKHAPATNAM: The celestial wedding of Lord Hanuman with Sri Suvarchala (daughter of Sun God) will be performed at Sankar Matham here on Thursday. Wondering how a 'naishtika brahmachari' (strict bachelor) could ever marry? "It's a little known fact that is recorded in the 'Parasara Samhita' of Maharshi Parasara," says Annadana Chidambara Sastry, who did his doctorate on the subject from Andhra University.

The celestial wedding - Sri Suvarchalasameta Sri Hanuman Kalyana Mahotsavam - is being organised by Sri Abhayanjaneya Swami Adhyatmika Prachara Trust, Hyderabad.

His life history

Addressing a media conference in this connection on Tuesday, Dr. Sastry said that only little was written about Sri Hanuman in the Ramayana but he being blessed with eternity is present in all the 'yugas'. Vyasa Maharshi's father Maharshi Parasara had given the life history of Sri Hanuman in 150 volumes.

After long years of research on the 'tala patra grandhas' (palm leaf manuscripts), the scholar brought to light little known facts. "Maharshi Parasara describes Sri Hanuman in his nine avataras. The sixth avatara is Suvarchala Anjaneya Swami. The Sun God performed the wedding of his daughter Suvarchala with Sri Hanuman on 'jyesta suddha dasami' day." Dr. Sastry said that the wedding was being performed in various Suvarchala Anjaneya Swamy temples in the country It was also being celebrated in the temple of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba temple in Pittsburgh.

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