Special Correspondent

HYDERABAD: You plan to visit Jaipur and you wish to look at all the available flights, trains and buses in one go. Browsing one website after another, you give it up as a seemingly impossible task.

Perish the thought, for you can now hop on to an appropriately coined Nearhop’s powerful travel search engine ( www.nearhop.com) supported by a huge database of flights, trains and buses.

Launched recently, the travel website has meticulously compiled information of about 2,000 flights, 2,000 trains and 55,000 buses encompassing 5,300 places and the list is growing. Designed by a city-based software engineer C. Venkata Rao, the user- friendly website has everything a travel bug could ask for.

“It is a one-stop destination for all kinds of travel. Arrival and departure timing, fare and duration of all the three main modes of transport have been packed into the website besides maps and facility for booking tickets, ” says Mr. Rao, CEO of nearhop.com.

Not merely places of interest, Nearhop has a wealth of information on 14 cities and with the help its ‘city navigator’ one could easily travel from one place to another.