Says Seemandhra people asked to build new secretariat and not those of Telangana

Amalapuram MP G.V. Harsha Kumar has said that the Congress Working Committee resolution on bifurcation of State had clearly indicated that it had not declared Telangana as new State, but only Seemandhra State. “It is quite common when a new State is born the people of that State will build new secretariat, High Court and new offices. See what happened by declaring Telangana? We (Seemandhra people) are asked to build every thing new, which means we are separated and we are fighting for our share in every thing,” Mr. Harsha Kumar said.

Addressing media conference here after returning from New Delhi on Saturday, the MP made it clear that he did not shift his stand and was still against united Andhra. “I am against Samaikyandhra. From the beginning I am arguing that we will prosper if Telangana is separated. But, we should not lose Hyderabad at any cost. I will fight tooth and nail on retaining Hyderabad,” he added. He recalled that because of Telangana demand the number of Assembly constituencies has come down in East Godavari from 21 to 19 and big players in public and private sector started investing in Hyderabad from 2004. He quoted recent example of ONGC opening its green house in Hyderabad against the wishes of people of Godavari districts. “How the Centre will suddenly decide that Hyderabad will be given to Telangana? We will not agree it,” he said.

Mr. Harsha Kumar said that all the Ministers representing from Seemandhra and MPs would fight with the Centre on Hyderabad issue and get a clear assurance in Parliament. He said that they would go to Parliament Central Hall and wait for the Speaker’s invitation to discuss their resignations.

Answering a query, he said that they would not go back on their resignations, even if party president Sonia Gandhi asks them to do so, until Hyderabad issue was finalised.

KCR’s comments

He said that TRS president K. Chandrasekhar Rao made comments on Seemandhra NGOs to instigate Congress leaders. The Amalapuram MP said that KCR wants to become Chief Minister after bifurcation, which was not possible if he merges his party with Congress and he started distancing himself by making such statements. Reacting on KCR’s assurance to protect Seemandhra NGOs and settlers, Mr. Harsha Kumar said that Seemandhra people knew how to protect themselves and they were ready to give protection to Telangana people who were fewer in number in Hyderabad.

Youth Congress leader G.V. Sriraj also participated in the press conference.

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