A water-saving device, developed by Harit Solutions, was formally launched by Commissioner of the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation B. Ramanjaneyulu at the Maddilapalem depot of APSRTC here on the occasion of World Water Day on Thursday.

The device can save water 80 to 100 per cent by preventing wastage. Unlike electronic sensors available at present, this device is mechanical and doesn't need electricity to function. Addressing the gathering, Mr. Ramanjaneyulu underlined the importance of water for sustaining life on the earth. As many as 68 per cent of the nations in the world did not have adequate drinking water and they were using desalination plants or transporting water over long distances to meet the drinking water requirements. India, fortunately, had adequate land, water and human resource and use of technology to prevent wastage of scarce natural resources would go a long way in making India a super power.

Expressing concern over wastage of water, he said that while on the one hand people were dying in some rural areas for lack of drinking water, on the other wastage was going on unchecked in some urban areas. He called for greater awareness on the optimum usage of the available water sources. The Commissioner elaborated on the steps being initiated by the GVMC for augmenting the drinking water needs of the growing population of the city. He said that GVMC Chief Engineer Jayaram Reddy had formulated a plan to conserve water resources. Proposals had been sent to the government with Rs.325 crores in this regard. RTC Regional Manager Y. Jagadeesh Babu said that a reverse osmosis plant was already in use at the RTC depot to provide safe drinking water to workers. He expressed concern at the declining water table. Kumar Vedula of Harit Solutions, an environmental engineering firm, said that ‘Greenbell' was designed to prevent wastage and the RTC depot was chosen as around 1,000 employees were using drinking water facility every day.

  • The device is developed by Harit Solutions

  • Call for greater awareness on optimum usage of water sources