In this concrete jungle, the visitor can still enjoy fishing, cook fish and carry it home as well. If he is not content with this, he can also take the pleasure of walking on water through ‘zorbing’. With all such possibilities, Shilparamam could be one of the best fun outlets for you and your children this summer.

It’s not just this, visitors can stroll through the night bazaar that gives a taste of the ‘true’ Indian culture, cuisine and crafts. These apart, there are shopping avenues showcasing wares resembling ‘original’ Stone Age era tribal art, stone carvings, terracotta articles, clay idols and tribal ornaments.

With so much of activity in art and craft taking place, visitors can find interesting souvenirs and collectibles for home. Shopping at this place is an experience itself, Shilparamam Special Officer G.N. Rao says.

Water walk, through zorbing, allows individuals to get into a inflated large plastic ball, and they are then rolled into a pool of water. The person inside can walk, hop, cartwheel without fear of being hurt or getting drowned. Pedal boating is another attraction.

The Shilparamam project was conceived with the idea of providing encouragement to artisans and craftsmen from across the country throughout the year. The project, in effect, freed them from the stranglehold of middlemen and brought them into direct contact with urban buyers.

Close to 7,000 people visit Shilparamam everyday, and the number crosses 10,000 on holidays, Mr. Rao says.

M. Srinivas