The Irrigation Advisory Board (IAB) meeting here resolved to supply water to existing crops in 50,000 acres under LLC and reserve water for drinking needs of people in the areas served by the canal.

Ministers T.G. Venkatesh, E. Pratap Reddy, MLAs Katasani Rambhupal Reddy, Channa Kesava Reddy, K.E. Prabhakar, MP SPY Reddy attended the meeting, which was presided over by Collector C. Sudharsan Reddy.

The Irrigation Department proposed to supply water in turn on a weekly basis to different distributaries. A total of 7.98 tmcft was available under the LLC quota.

The meeting approved to spare two tmcft for drinking water needs of Kurnool city from the KC canal quota and also supply water to 30,000 acres utilizing 6.792 tmcft available under KC canal. Also, the meeting decided to draw 5.78 tmcft from the quota of KC canal from the Srisailam reservoir. The water would be utilized to irrigate 50,000 acres between 150 km and 306 km. A request was made maintaining the level in Srisailam reservoir at 854 ft to ensure water flow to Srisailam canal.

A request was made to the government for permission to stock 13.5 tmcft in the Velugodu reservoir by feeding the reservoir through Srisailam canal to ensure water to KC canal and Telugu Ganga canals. The irrigation supply under Gajuladinne Project canal would be restricted to 10,000 acres making use of 1.95 tmcft water available in the reservoir.

  • Proposal to supply on a weekly basis to distributaries

  • A total of 7.98 tmcft was available under the LLC quota