People leaving villages from areas falling under Medak and Narayankhed limits

Drastic fall in groundwater level in many areas

Villagers forced to walk for miles to fetch water

SANGAREDDY: Even as the summer is yet to set in completely, Medak district is already in the grip of a water crisis, more particularly the rural areas. With the crisis aggravating, people are leaving villages due to unavailability of water for agricultural operations. People migrating from villages was reported from areas like Medak and Narayankhed. An official, on condition of anonymity, admitted that people indeed were migrating.

Groundwater levels had drastically fallen down forcing people to fetch water from agricultural borewells for domestic use. At times villagers are forced to walk miles together to fetch water. However, none is sure how long these borewells will be able to meet the requirement. Officials have been rushing to the villages after reports appeared in a section of the press about the water crisis.

According to a few villagers, release of two tmcft water to Yedupayala during the festival last month had to let to early water crisis in areas under Narayanakhed limits. “The groundwater levels had further dipped as the back waters of Singoor were already used for the festival. Now we are facing problems,” says Manik Prabhu of Narayanakhed.

With the Kontur tank in Medak division drying up slowly, it has adversely impacted the surrounding villages of Rajpalli, Khajpalli, Kontur, Venkatapur, Sivvaipalli, Ramakkapalli and Balanagar. As a result, many from these villages have migrated to towns.

Contingency plan

“We have already taken up contingency measures. Mechanics have been roped in to repair hand bores, flush them, adding some more pipes to the existing bores to deepen them. We will try to give power connection also based on the requirement .There is no problem of funds to meet the drinking water crisis,” maintained N. Yesuratnam, EE, RWS, Medak. The department is also preparing to transport water in areas where the problem is severe.

However, manpower shortage is hampering the functioning of the department as it has only one mechanic in each mandal to attend to borewell repairs in each village.