The murder of Mohd. Fazludddin alias Fazal two days ago during daytime at Red Hills has once again brought to the fore the war for domination among criminal gangs of the city. This is the third gang war killing reported in the past couple of months. Scaring enemies, retaliation, intervention in property litigation, settlement of real estate disputes and building confidence among members are the main factors driving these gangs to murders. Still, the fight for supremacy originating from the fear of getting killed if the opponent is allowed to live is the main reason behind the gang wars, police say.

Interestingly, leaders of many such gangs began their criminal life with involvement in assault cases or as petty offenders - be it Khaisar or the dreaded Ayub Khan. Gangs led by these two men are at loggerheads and highly active in the city presently, though those belonging to Omer Quadri, Mohammed Fayaz, Sheru Latif, and Najaf too are operating. “Khaisar's criminal record shows he was initially a pickpocket. Eventually, he formed a gang of pickpockets that resorted to robberies and extortions,” a Task Force official said. These gangs earmark areas for ‘pocket picking, snatching, robbery, extortion operations' and attack others entering their ‘zones'.

The quarrels over areas of operations transformed into serious fights as the gangs started intervening in real estate disputes. “Real estate boom and the lakhs of rupees changing hands in deals made them desperate. Net result is the gang wars,” the police say.

Ayub Khan, who had been recently convicted of the murder of an advocate, Mannan Ghori, reportedly bought properties worth crores of rupees in neighbouring States with the money earned through extortions and robberies. So audacious are the gangs that Khan's accomplices attempted to eliminate witnesses when the latter came to the court to depose evidence.

Members of the gangs adopt the technique of alerting police about the opposite gangs acquiring weapons or hatching murder plots. If this doesn't help in putting their enemies behind the bars, they resort to killings. Fazal's murder is not the first one. There is no guarantee that it would be the last, if the past retaliatory murders are any indication.

  • Gangs led by Khaisar and Ayub Khan at loggerheads
  • Intervention in real estate rows triggers fights