The State Wakf Board has planned to issue eviction notices to 34 shops and houses which have come up unauthorised on its land.

The valuable property situated at Bazaar Guard belongs to Anees-ul-Gurba, an orphanage under Wakf Board administration.

Notice is also being issued to a house belonging to the orphanage situated at Gunfoundry.

These premises are under encroachment for years and the occupants are not paying a single rupee to the Wakf Board, it is said.

The notices are being served under section 54 (3) of the Wakf Act, 1995, giving 15 days time for the occupants to give explanation along with documentary evidence, if any.

The Board plans to construct separate hostels for boys and girls of Anees-ul-Gurba orphanage after evicting the encroachers.

The present premises of the orphanage in Nampally will be turned into a commercial complex since most of its land is getting affected under road widening, said Board chairman, Syed Gulam Afzal Biabani.